About us

 Shila Jassal and Debra Gainey have been on the spiritual path for as long as they can remember and were born awake, in remembering their soul purpose, in supporting the planet at this time during its ascension process as it moves into the fifth dimension.


We are messengers and channels for the Ascended Host and Angelic Realms, and are founders of Infinite Miracles- a unique and powerful 21st century healing modality, which combines the art of dowsing with the use of higher vibrational spiritual energies to clear deep seated patterns and karmic blocks for clients. The system creates profound and lasting change for clients at all levels of being so they are able to move forward in their lives and become more of who they truly are. We also work with the Miracle Consciousness; a higher vibrational state of consciousness (also known as the I AM God presence), which is our divine blueprint, which we will teach you to access to attract and manifest your life purpose and goals with more ease and grace.

We bring with us a vast array of therapeutic skills, and knowledge of various healing modalities, many of which are new to the planet at this time. We work with our students in a holistic manner, and individually and collectively we bring a wealth of experience to our teaching work.

With Love and Infinite Miracles
Shila and Debra

Infinite Miracles – become the miracle that you already are!