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1-1 Infinite Miracles Healing Session


We offer 1-1 Infinite Miracle healing sessions to assist you with clearing any deep rooted problems or energetic blocks you may be experiencing in your life, that may be holding you back or preventing you from living your best life and realising your fullest potential.

We work with a variety of  therapeutic  tools during our session, and will connect with the spiritual and angelic realms to download the required healing frequencies needed for you at this time.  Through our dowsing skills we will also be able to identify the key issues that are affecting you, and at what level of your being they are impacting you, so they can be cleared at core level.

Our sessions are powerful and can be life changing, as you release years and often lifetimes of deep rooted karmic patterns that have often held you back on your life’s journey. After an Infinite Miracles (IM) healing session you will feel much lighter, as your vibrational energy field will be considerably raised during the session, and much clearer from having released the old patterns. An IM healing session will leave you with a greater sense of joy and possibility in moving forward on your soul path.

Our sessions are normally conducted face to face or by Skype, and last up to 2 hours.

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3 reviews for 1-1 Infinite Miracles Healing Session

  1. Annie – London, UK

    The Infinite Miracles healing session I had was absolutely amazing! I have been to various therapists before but none have been able to pinpoint the exact cause of my eating disorder. Shila and Debra were able to pinpoint this exactly through their IM healing system, and also connect this to a past life. Everything they said resonated with me, and I was impressed with their level of understanding of some of my family genetic patterns too! Through IM healing and also the healing frequencies that they channelled for me, I have found that my eating disorder has healed and I no longer need it anymore to protect myself. I feel lighter and clearer. I am so grateful to Shila and Debra for helping me shift such a deep rooted pattern which has affected me for years and to give me my life back again. IM healing is a profound healing system and I would highly recommend it.

  2. Mary – Essex, UK

    Thank you both for an incredible healing system. You were both recommended to me by a friend who had met you at one of the MBS events in London and I just knew I needed to book a session with you! Thank you for supporting me to clear my fear of stepping out as a therapist. I can understand now where the block comes from. During the session I could feel my resistance to stepping into my power and being seen by others, being lifted from me and saw beautiful angels and a guide dressed in blue working with me. I feel the guide was there to give me strength. I can say, just with one session I am feeling much more empowered now to go out there as a therapist to begin my healing practice. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift that you have given me. I will definitely be recommending you to others!

  3. Caz – Thailand

    Thank you for a truly incredible session. The skype call from Thailand was so worth it. I feel so much more energised and feel like I can take on the world! Your session has helped me to believe the world is truly my oyster and life is there for the taking. I can have whatever I put my heart to. As you say- I am already the miracle that I seek! Thank you again.

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