Compassion Key Sessions by certified practitioner, Shila Jassal


What is Compassion Key Healing?

Compassion Key is a very effective way of healing emotional issues, impressions, and experiences that are affecting and limiting your life; whether you are aware of them or not.

It involves sending healing, love and compassion inwardly to ourselves for whatever negative feeling or issue that is present in our lives, that is limiting us in some way.

The premise of Compassion Key is that whatever we meet with love and compassion, we can heal and dissolve.

When we release the emotions of pain and struggle with love and compassion, we can stop creating more of the same.

There normally exists underlying emotional, subconscious or subtle energetic components to every dis-ease or disorder. These
can be linked to a feeling or experience of being: unworthy, abandoned, betrayed, abused , mistreated, neglected, unloved, alone, unseen, weak, forgotten, broken, or damaged.

The emotional issues and impressions that we carry with us through life, not only affect how we think and feel, but they also affect our choices; how we act and react in the world. They can affect our relationships, our health, our confidence, our habits, our finances, our work and our personal growth.

Letting go of these emotional impressions is healing. It’s like shaking off the layers of dirt or mud that you have accumulated through your life, to reveal the Real Soul of You, that has been there all along.

The shifting of internal energetic patterns that have kept us stuck or in a loop will free us and open us up once again to subtle energy flow so that you can start to feel clearer, and more fully live and express your soul purpose and mission.

Compassion Key, supports the natural healing process of your body, mind, soul and spirit, gradually restoring yourself back to wholeness and balance.

Picture a light trying to shine through a lens with dirt or mud on it. The picture (which represents your life) is distorted! When you remove the dirt and mud, the full light of your Soul can shine through! The full light of you is then free to create a happier life.

The Compassion Key process, if practiced regularly, is designed to accelerate your progress on your path of personal growth and wellness.

Please note: Compassion Key Sessions are not intended to replace professional medical or psychological advice or treatment.

Benefits of a Compassion Key session may include:

  • Improve how you feel about yourself
  • Become more confident
  • Improve your relationships
  • Become more productive
  • Become calmer
  • Become healthier
  • Improve your thinking and habits
  • Step more fully into abundant consciousness
  • Live your soul purpose

Cost of session: £80 per hour



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